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May 8

Joost invites 4U

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UPDATE: I won't be sending any more invites directly from my blog, sorry. But there's this cool new site called Invite Share where you can get invited to dozens of cool new communities and beta services (Joost included) - join it and start receiving and sending invites web2.0-way! My nickname there is 2sheds.

Recently, Joost management has given its existing users unlimited invites to make sure that no one is left out. So here goes - leave a comment with your name and e-mail address to get a free invite.

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April 5

Fun with command-line: history lesson via "cal"

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Searching for the way to make Mac OS X/BSD version of cal output calendars formatted for the weeks starting on monday, I've found this piece of trivia on Debian's man page

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July 31

Download updated Instiki image for Mac OS X

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I installed Instiki Wiki-clone on my Mac about 6 months ago and used it ever since as my personal knowledge base, notepad and GTD tool – pretty much like any other Wiki/Instiki user. I liked it more than other clones because of ease of installation on my iBook – it came as a self-contained DMG-image with one file inside that I had to drag into my 'Applications' folder, double-click it – et voila!

Alas, the latest version of OS X .dmg distribution available from Instiki site is 0.9.2 which is several releases older than current 0.10.2. While there are some instructions available to upgrade they are however not accurate and clear enough.

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April 2

How to install Adobe (Acrobat) Reader 7.0 on Xandros Linux

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I've been hearing about the much-hyped release of Adobe Reader 7.0 for Linux from everywhere and finally decided to take a look at it myself (I was reluctant to do it because my favorite Linux PDF reader was and still is CVS version of KDE's stock KPDF). Installing it is no rocket science, really, but closely integrating it with the system is a more difficult task. Here's how I accomplished it.

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February 27

SSH public key authentication

Filed under: Applications, Unix

Having to type (and remember) numerous SSH passwords for my sites everyday always drove me mad. So-called 'public key authentication' is one way to end this struggle and work more effectively. I've read several HOWTOs covering this feature but had no time (or shall I say – was far too lazy) to try it myself. One day, finally, SSH got the better of me so I decided to dig into it. Here is what I've found.

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