I installed Instiki Wiki-clone on my Mac about 6 months ago and used it ever since as my personal knowledge base, notepad and GTD tool – pretty much like any other Wiki/Instiki user. I liked it more than other clones because of ease of installation on my iBook – it came as a self-contained DMG-image with one file inside that I had to drag into my 'Applications' folder, double-click it – et voila!

Alas, the latest version of OS X .dmg distribution available from Instiki site is 0.9.2 which is several releases older than current 0.10.2. While there are some instructions available to upgrade they are however not accurate and clear enough.

So I fired up my XCode, opened the project file (it comes in every instiki tarball, you can find it in "natives/osx/desktop_launcher" folder) and tried to do a no-brainer compilation which failed at once. I changed paths here and there, threw in missing folders and files, copied broken .NIB-file from the one included with v0.9.2 and clicked the Build button. In a minute or two I had a native working Mac OS X application, ready to replace my aging Instiki.app. I`ve packaged it in a handy DMG format for your pleasure – so please download, install and send any positive or negative feedback to my email: ok AT 2sheds DOT ru.

BTW, if there are any artists among you who want this app to have a stylish icon instead of the plain default one or perhaps replace the longish "Wiki" word in main menu with a tiny graphic – feel free to send me your pictures and I`ll do a custom "beautified" build.

N.B. This file has been tested only on Mac OS X 10.4.2 (Tiger) so it is not guaranteed to work on Panther or Jaguar – tell me if you need a compatible version and I`ll try to cross-compile for previous versions of OS X as well.

Download: instiki-0.10.2.dmg.zip