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May 22

Upgrading MediaWiki 1.9.x to 1.10.0

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MediaWiki logo As you probably know by now, MediaWiki has received a scheduled quarterly update, v1.10.0, about two weeks ago. Release notes are available at MediaWiki's website - it's mostly bug fixes, some new features and configuration changes.

So if you haven't upgraded your 1.9.x installation to the latest and greatest yet, here is a run-down of the major steps.

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April 8

MediaWiki extensions: installing and troubleshooting

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Even though your stock MediaWiki setup has included everything and a kitchen sink, there are things it won't do right out of the box - that's where MediaWiki's rather long list of extensions comes to play.

Not everything there is stable, works with current versions of wiki engine and some even pose a security risk, but still you get a lot to choose from.

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April 1

Setting up MediaWiki on PHP 5.2 server

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I'm recovering from a severe case of 'NIH'-disease and for me it means that I've turned to tried and tested solutions for my web projects. Here are the notes on the subject of installing latest stable (v1.9.3) MediaWiki engine (the heart of Wikipedia) on my hosting company's PHP 5.2 server.

Installing MediaWiki is pretty straight-forward but not without gotchas.

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