I'm in like with you logo UPDATE: I won't be sending any more invites directly from my blog, sorry. But there's this cool new site called Invite Share where you can get invited to dozens of cool new communities and beta services (IILWY included) - join it and start receiving and sending invites web2.0-way! My profile is 2sheds.

I have some invites to the wicked-cool online flirt game called i'm in like with you. Joined it just two days ago and already addicted! Read on for a review and description and leave a comment to get a free invite!

The rules are simple: you post all the usual info (interests, age, location, photos and videos) and start looking for guys or girls (or both) within your target age and area. When you find the person you like, you can't contact them directly (which sets IILWY apart from common dating sites) but instead start playing their game, bidding with your points (every new user starts with 500) to get his or her attention. To earn more points you are encouraged to fill in your profile, answering some Q&A (50 pts each) and yes/no (5 pts for each "yes" answer) quizzes. Already, popular games are approaching 1500 points at closing time!

Afterwards, when the game is finished, the host gets to choose the winner among the 5 players who spent the most points - so just like in real life, being the top spender gives only a slightly higher chance, not a guarantee. But unlike the real life, if you've not been chosen, you'll get all your points back immediately so the winner takes all and the losers lose nothing (and you can always try the next game with the same person)!

The interface is a hybrid, lots of Ajax goodness with some Flash bling mixed in - and is pretty demanding in terms of performance. It locked up my overworked Firefox with 80+ tabs open several times already - apparently, when I move my mouse too fast prior to clicking. But other than that everything looks pretty solid and good-looking. My only serious gripe so far is that developers don't seem to pay too much attention to users' comments - I've sent several bug reports/suggestions and never got as much as a confirmation that my messages were delivered!

Update: I take back my words about unresponsive developers - see a comment below by Dan of the IILWY team. I have seen him leaving similar replies at other people's blogs - in my opinion it's perfectly ok for a fresh webservice to have a busy support team, taking into account that it's free and still in beta! Thanks guys, you rock!