I spent better part of my weekend cleaning, scrubbing, organizing, etc. all around myself - thanks to motivation that came to me from reading inspiring articles in 'zen habits' blog by Leo Babauta. He blogs on the popular (but nonetheless important) GTD-related topics like productivity and motivation and gives great hints on how to live a frugal, happy and healthy life.

In fact, I liked his writings even more than Steve Pavlina's 'Personal Development' blog because Leo, from what I've read so far, tries to keep the story short - which makes perfect sense for a guy focused on productivity.

He's certainly not the first to cover this 'teach me how to live' stuff - I mean, c'mon, you've heard it from your mom a thousand times! But it wouldn't hurt to be reminded of these 'basic' things once more because sometimes that is all you need to stop procrastinating and get on with what's important - just as it was the case with me today. Thanks, Leo!